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Writing for Mrwhosetheboss

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Not too long ago I did some work for the UK's top tech youtuber, mostly a few script revisions and some research on new projects had been working on, namely a second channel focused on short-form content.

The Shorts Channel

This was probably the more fun of the two channels to work on, and I had a great time going over market trends to discover what made a shorts channel tick. I've included the link to my favourite short video below.

The Main Channel

Working on the main channel was very informative and I learnt a lot in a very short time, so it was great fun. Below I've included a link to one of the main videos I did in collaboration with Arun, so check his channel out if you're at all interested in tech.


I'm not normally as huge of a tech nerd as some people I know but I really enjoyed working for Arun and the experience was great. I suppose the only question left to answer now is indeed how many tonnes of chocolate it takes to break and Iphone seven.

And hey, if anyone wants to comment and follow my blog here, that's only a bonus, right?

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